In asthma, your lungs are not at ease. You cough, wheeze and find it difficult to breathe. Here is why it happens? When you inhale, the air from your nose passes through the throat and eventually reaches your lungs. In the lungs, there are several passages present which delivers oxygen to your bloodstream. Due to various reasons when the linings of these air passages swell and the muscles around them becomes tight. Also, mucus gets filled in the airways so the amount of air which was actually needed gets reduced causing irritations, short breathes, coughing or wheezing.

Now when you have bronchospasms or difficulties in breathing you automatically get anxious or feel more stressed.

The Role Of CBD For Asthma

CBD compounds are found to be good bronchodilator means they can make your airways or air passages to relax a bit. In this state, they will expand more and allow you to breathe easily.

Here are different roles by which use of CBD may be helpful in managing asthma.

CBD as a Bronchodilatory

During an asthmatic attack, your network of tubes that carry oxygen gets constricted. This reduces the flow of oxygen. There are studies that suggest that the use of CBD in various forms was able to improve the bronchoconstriction extent during the asthmatic attack as well as during normal circumstances.

A 1976 study published in the Journal of Thorax suggests that cannabis smoke helped in relieving bronchospasm in three asthmatic subjects. So you have a research too, backing your belief on CBD.

CBD as an Antibiotic

Though your asthmatic attack may have some genetic basis, there can be viruses or bacterial infections behind it also. It can weaken your immune system so you can have more sensitivity towards allergens and irritants. Researches suggest that cannabinoids like CBD have shown a promising effect against many infectious pathogens.

A 1976 study published in Springer journal suggests the antibacterial role of cannabinoids against Streptococcus genus, the bacteria supposed to be behind asthma.

CBD as an Anti-inflammatory

Asthmatic Inflammation, supposed to be an immune response to the presence of allergens, occurs in your bronchi and bronchioles even when you are not under the influence of an asthmatic attack. During an attack, the level of constriction increases manifolds by contractions taking place in your bronchial tissues.

Generally, you are given steroids to treat but seeing the side effects related to them, researchers are looking for other options as well.

They believe that cannabinoids have a great role to play in immune-modulated inflammatory diseases for regulation of inflammation as cannabinoid receptors are present in your lungs too.

CBD as an Antispasmodic and Analgesic

The bronchi and bronchioles of your lungs are made up of smooth muscles. Under asthmatic attack and inflammation, they swell up narrowing your airways. CBD for Asthma can be used to reduce muscular spasms of your airways.

In a 2014 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, it was found that certain agonists of the CB1-receptor(cannabinoids) reduced muscle contractions in various subjects according to their dosages.

CBD can be effective in managing pain during an asthmatic attack by reducing pressure and constriction in the tissues of the lungs. It can give you a relief from asthmatic pain by influencing your pain-sensing nerve cells which are nociceptors.


CBD For Asthma has so many roles to play when it comes to breathing-related disorders. You may be subjected to antibiotics and steroid-based medication for an instant relief but that can leave you with so many undesired side effects.

On the other hand, hemp derived CBD oil doesn’t harm you and is totally natural. It has got the ability to calm your mind while keeping you alert and focused all the time.

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