There are seven bones in the neck known as Cervical Vertebrae. The main function of Cervical Vertebrae is to support the head and keep it aligned with shoulders and body. In simple language Cervical Fracture is known as a broken neck.

Neck Fracture is a breakdown of one or more Cervical bones, the Cervical Vertebrae areas C1 and C7. Neck Fracture is often caused by a serious car or motorcycle accident. If you are diving into shallow water then also there is a chance of Neck Fracture, a sudden blow to the Neck or head and twist to the neck is also cause for Neck Fracture.

Common signs of Cervical Fracture

CBD For Cervical Fracture
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  1. The feeling of pain which can be severe and mild.
  2. Bruising and Swelling
  3. Tenderness
  4. Numbness in different parts of the body like hands and legs
  5. Paralysis or muscle weakness
  6. Sharp and throbbing pain which travels from the neck to shoulder

How Cervical Fracture is Diagnosed?

After the injury or fall, you will immediately be taken to the hospital. Where the doctor will ask about symptoms and activities which led to the injury. The doctor may refer you to an X-ray and MRI to examine the cross-sectional image of vertebrae. CT Scan is also done to examine the bone injury and see the compressed spinal cord.

Treatment option for Cervical Fracture

Neck Fracture is a very serious condition which can immediately lead to death or paralysis, so it is better to call for medical help right away. Here are some treatment option for Cervical Fracture

  1. If there is a possibility of a neck fracture then complete immobilization of the neck and the head area is done. It will prevent the neck from excessive movement. Once the immobilization is done breathing tube will be used for the blocked airway.
  2. After immobilization, the severity of the fracture will be seen. The doctor will do a complete assessment of Cervical Structure to see which bone is broken.
  3. Next treatment option is traction which is a brace that is worn for 12 weeks or more than that. Traction prevents your neck from excessive movement.
  4. Surgery is the last option for Neck Fracture in which wires, plates, and screws are used to reconnect the bone.

Always remember treatment depends upon the intensity of the injury. In many cases, Neck Fracture has led to life changes including personal and family.

Quick tips to reduce the chance of Neck Fracture

  1. Avoid situations which put you in physical harm
  2. Always wear a seatbelt while driving
  3. Don’t drink and drive as it can result in a serious accident
  4. Never dive into shallow water
  5. Do weight-bearing exercise to make your muscles strong

Role of CBD For Cervical Fracture

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CBD is a natural chemical compound which is found in different strains of the hemp plants. CBD is completely non-psychoactive in nature because of which it is used for treating different medical conditions. CBD is rich in the anti-pain and anti-inflammation property because of which it is used to treat different pain conditions, moreover, CBD also helps in healing of a broken bone.

Other medical benefits of CBD

Fights with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression is a common disorder which can put a negative effect on your life. CBD has shown positive evidence in reducing the symptoms of anxiety. CBD reduces the chemical reactions which cause paranoid thought that can lead to depression.


CBD also helps in reducing the symptoms related to cancer such as pain, nausea, and vomiting. It also destroys cancer-causing cells.


Insomnia is one of the major medical problems in today’s modern world. CBD is sedative in nature because of which it can be used for improving your sleep.

Final Thoughts On CBD For Cervical Fracture

Neck Fracture can cause death within minutes that’s why seek the emergency medical as soon as possible. Always keep in mind the CBD can reduce the symptoms in Neck Fracture it can’t heal it. Pain and headache which is caused after neck fracture can by consuming CBD, one prominent feature of CBD is that it boosts the healing process of the bones. Complete medical treatment is a must in Neck Fracture.
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