The medical condition that leads to pain in the region of your buttocks is called Ischial Bursitis. It is also termed ischiogluteal bursitis. The pain arises from inflammation and tissue damage in your ischiogluteal bursa, a small sac packed with a lubricating fluid known as synovial fluid. It happens in your lower buttocks where your hamstring muscles join your ischial tuberosity. The most frequently affected are athletes and runners. It is a chronic medical condition that remains for 3 months or more. CBD helps to mitigate the pain and inflammation associated with the condition due to it’s anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and muscle relaxant properties.

What Constitutes Ischial Bursitis?

CBD In Ischial Bursitis
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Ischial bursitis or ischiogluteal bursitis is a condition which results in pain within the area of the buttocks. The pain emerges from inflammation and tissue damage within the ischiogluteal bursa, a small sac loaded with lubricating fluid at the pelvic base. The ischiogluteal bursa lies between the hamstring tendon and pelvic bone, so you might experience discomfort or pain when utilizing your hamstring. The muscles surrounding the ischiogluteal bursa can be mildly strengthened through exercises.

Causes Of Ischial Bursitis

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The condition is usually caused by extensive or repeated pressure on the bursa. This can happen due to significant continued kicking, jumping or running, which are all strenuous and potentially injurious to the bursa and hamstring regions. The probability of incurring injury by these activities increases with the duration of time you participate in them, particularly with weakened muscles, or without undergoing breaks or warming up adequately. Sitting down on firm surfaces for long or unwanted periods can also cause the condition. In a few instances, bursitis occurs spontaneously by a hard fall upon the spot, like cycling or horse riding accident.

Symptoms Of Ischial Bursitis

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Two ischial bursitis symptoms comprise pain and inflammation, which result from your hamstring muscle rubbing against your projecting ischial tuberosity bone, creating irritation to the bursa sac.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Tenderness, inflammation, or soreness in your lower buttocks that seems to worsen with movement
  • The area that is impacted may also seem warm to the touch
  • Though the pain is normally in your buttocks region, you may also experience pain in your hip and probably stiffness in the region
  • Some even experience tingling and numbness in the concerned buttock and could extend down your leg
  • Continuous feeling of a dull ache in your buttock that worsens with sitting in a similar position or posture for a prolonged period

How CBD Is Helpful With Ischial Bursitis

CBD helps to alleviate the symptoms of Ischial Bursitis including pain, inflammation and tissue damage.

By Reducing Pain

CBD halts the reuptake and breakdown of the chemical anandamide, also called the bliss molecule that aids to control pain. Anandamide upon the effect of CBD circulates within the bloodstream easily and lessens the feeling of pain in an individual. Moreover, CBD also communicates with the regions of your brain that involve pain response like the hypothalamus that also contains cannabinoid receptors. Further, studies have also shown that CBD interacts with the immune mechanism along with the brain receptors. These receptors accept a series of chemical impulses from stimuli and assist your body cells to respond to these impulses. The cannabinoid receptors on reacting to CBD, produce an anti-inflammatory effect that assists to alleviate pain.

CBD can also attach itself to the vanilloid receptor that regulates pain sensation and thus controls the functioning of the vanilloid in lowering pain sensitivity.

Helps To Heal Inflammation

CBD inhibits the inflammatory response and subsequently softens symptoms of the disease. This feature of cannabinoids is achieved through multiple pathways such as apoptosis in activated immune cells, inhibition of chemokines and cytokines at inflammation sites, and upregulation of T cells that play a part in the inflammatory process. Research has indicated CBD to alleviate joint inflammation and reduce swelling.
CBD may fight inflammation and its connected oxidative stress in various ways, like casting an immunosuppressive control on macrophages and microglial cells that play a part in inflammation and immunity. CBD has also displayed to considerably lower chronic inflammatory pain by possibly activating glycine receptors.

Improves Healing Of Tissue

CBD contains collagen which is a gel-type structure that surrounds and binds our bones and enables us to move without pain. Collagen is packed with amino acids like glycine that aids in developing muscle tissue by transforming glucose to the energy that nourishes muscle cells. The latest study has revealed the potential of collagen in healing joint pain, and stiffness of ligament and tendon, Collagen aids in forming and developing tissue all over the body apart from reducing inflammation within tender joints.

Acts As A Neuroprotective

CBD elevates the production of antioxidants which perform a Neuroprotective role. The Neuroprotective capacity of CBD, based on the mix of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is being extensively researched preclinically in many neurodegenerative disorders and also benefits in Ischial Bursitis. The neurogenesis properties of CBD also aid in maintaining stress levels.

Functions As A Muscle Relaxant

The relaxing properties of CBD impact the entire body comprising of your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It eases your body and relieves stiff joints. It also assists to regulate body circulation and improved blood pressure.

CBD also aids to relax tense muscles. This will enable patients of ischial bursitis to move easier apart from relaxing the hamstring muscles.

Conclusion On CBD In Ischial Bursitis

The phytocannabinoid CBD is a natural painkiller without any adverse side effects that can be safely used as an effective therapy in Ischial Bursitis. Its inherent inflammation-resisting, tissue, cartilage, and muscle repairing qualities help in healing tissue and muscle damages instantly. As a preventative treatment to inflamed and painful conditions, CBD can combat the underlying causes of muscle weakness, inflammation or lower back pains and tenderness that are often associated with Ischial Bursitis.

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