The inflammatory joint disease septic arthritis is brought about by a bacterial infection and is accompanied by acute pain, inflammation, heat, and redness in affected joints. Although antibiotics and other medications and commonly prescribed to treat the condition, they may cause side effects. CBD offers a safe and effective alternative against this disease due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Plus, it is wholly natural and is without intoxicating effects.

What Constitutes Septic Arthritis?

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Septic arthritis is also termed infectious arthritis and is generally caused by bacteria. It can also result from a fungus or virus. The condition includes inflammation of a joint that arises from infection. Usually, septic arthritis impacts one large body joint, like the knee or hip. Occasionally, septic arthritis may impact multiple joints.

Causes Of Septic Arthritis

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Septic arthritis can result from bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Bacterial infection by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) is the most common cause. Staph can thrive on healthy skin too.

Septic arthritis can occur when an infection, like a skin infection or urinary tract infection, is transmitted by your bloodstream to a joint. Less frequently, a drug injection, puncture wound, or surgery at the adjoining a joint can provide the germs access.

Your joints lining (synovium) has a slight ability to safeguard itself from inflammation. Your body’s response to the infection – including swelling that can raise pressure and lessen blood flow within the joint – adding to the damage.

Symptoms Of Septic Arthritis

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Septic arthritis symptoms generally come on quickly with acute pain, joint inflammation, and fever. Symptoms of septic arthritis may comprise:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Fatigue and generalized weakness
  • Inability to shift the limb with the infected joint
  • Inflammation (greater fluid within the joint)
  • Acute pain in the affected joint, particularly with movement
  • Warmth (the joint is red and hot to feel due to elevated blood flow)

How CBD Is Useful For Septic Arthritis

CBD is on the medical radar due to its effectiveness as an anti-arthritic agent without any psychotropic impact. Topical CBD applications offer relief in arthritis pain and inflammation besides acting against the infection causing agents like viruses and bacteria.

Acts To Relieve Pain

CBD helps to alleviate pain in a big way by preserving Anandamide – an endogenous body cannabinoid also termed bliss molecule. CBD on entering the endocannabinoid system halts anandamide from disintegrating too rapidly, by linking to the proteins that split up this bliss molecule. Thus, CBD aids anandamide to stay in the system longer, which allows the ECS to regulate pain more efficiently.

CBD also aids in pain alleviation by modulating and controlling endorphins. Endorphins comprise the feel-good chemicals of the body that help with the pain. CBD assists to elevate our internal endorphins naturally, eliminating the risk of dependence on synthetic drugs and Opioids.

Reduction Of Cartilage Damage

CBD helped researchers to subdue inflammatory molecules which modulate CB2 receptors to treat arthritic patients. They hold that it lowered joint and cartilage damage and inflammation in cases of septic arthritis. Patients experienced less pain and slept better.

Aids To Combat Inflammation

In a state of oxidative, swelling and endoplasmic reticulum stress, in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells, CBD in slight doses displayed oligo protective effects. CBD lessened swelling and ER stress with regard to inflammation.

During viral infections, the use of CBD led to the permanent impact that bettered the motor deficiencies, while lowering pro-inflammatory cytokine production and stimulation of microglia.

Promotes Healing Of Bones

Cannabinoid receptors have been earlier found to stimulate bone formation. It was observed by researchers that CBD enhanced bone healing by strengthening the cartilage bridge that forms when a bone is being repaired. This bridge is termed as fracture callus, it’s made of collagen, which then gradually mineralizes and hardens into fresh bone.

CBD is also believed to limit bone resorption in vivo by modulating GPR55 signaling. Obstructing GPR55 might also cast direct beneficial effects on bone turnover in arthritic or metabolic bone disease. It led to an increase in trabecular or spongy bone apart from a cortical or external surface.

As An Antibacterial And Antiviral Agent

CBD exerts powerful antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial effects. This cannabinoid destroys staphylococci and streptococci. Research proves that CBD kills the methicillin-resistant variety of Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA that leads to septic arthritis. CBD is also revealed to transform a bacterial cell wall, just like conventional antibiotics. This stops their growth and propagation. Moreover, CBD also combats the viral and fungal microorganisms that are responsible for septic arthritis.

Conclusion On CBD In Septic Arthritis

CBD has a proven track record of treating chronic arthritis and joint inflammation. Its inherent properties of being a potent immunosuppressive, a powerful antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory agent have made it a natural alternative to treat septic arthritis making it a reliable source for treating such conditions with zero toxicity levels and nil adverse effects. This phytocannabinoid CBD has shown promising results where conventional antioxidants have failed and its effect on swelling, cell death, myocardial dysfunction, oxidative stress, bacterial and viral threat and interconnected signaling pathway have made it a beneficial plant compound which can address a host of health issues.

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